RGZ and "The SoulCrafter" 2016. photo by Ashley Rae Vaughn

RGZ and "The SoulCrafter" 2016. photo by Ashley Rae Vaughn

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano is a Latin-American printmaking artist based in Spokane, WA from Caracas, Venezuela.

Since an early age he has traveled the world collecting unique stories from casual encounters that later enriched the visual narratives of his drawings and relief prints. Gil found inspiration studying the common aspect of the cultural identity and iconography from the Majority World and hispanic literature. His work studies the universal idea of home and its influence on individual personalities.

Reinaldo's current practice includes the creation of large pieces using relief printing applications by incorporation of communal and collaborative practices.

Reinaldo is currently an adjunct instructor in the art department at Eastern Washington University.

RGZ is an artist member at the Richmond Art Collective and The Saranac Art Projects.